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We are a private intelligence agency working towards the competitiveness, security, and prosperity of companies in Brazil.


We provide a range of services to help companies achieve their goals. For example, we conduct market studies to provide insights on consumer behavior, build dashboards that showcase relevant data for strategic decision-making, and structure CRM operations to improve customer engagement. We also utilize both human and artificial intelligence to identify and target specific audiences that align with our clients' objectives.


In today's business world, making decisions without reliable information can be a risky strategy. That's why our goal is to help your company become more competitive and successful through the use of data. With our help, you'll be able to capture, organize, and analyze relevant data for your business, making smarter and well-informed decisions. And the best part? The data-driven concept is not just about numbers and cold analysis: it's a way to gain greater security, confidence, and success in your business journey.


Our intelligence service specializes in delivering data-driven results for your company. We use the concept of data-driven to collect, organize, and analyze relevant information for your business, helping you make well-informed and efficient decisions.


We understand that content is a valuable source of relevant data that can help you understand the whole picture of a project. That's why we offer content analysis services, so you can have a clearer and more detailed view of your business.


Building an analytical culture takes time, but trust us: once you have that culture, you'll wonder why you didn't start earlier. We help your company develop that culture by providing the necessary resources and knowledge for data analysis and more efficient decision-making.


At our intelligence agency, we value the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. That's why many of our cases are confidential and we preserve the anonymity of most of them. However, we would like to share some testimonials from clients who have briefly shared their experiences and results:

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"With the help of the intelligence agency, we were able to find a group of companies with synergy for our digital industrial technology, which allowed us to choose with precision who to assist."

Israel Kenan

- Kornit.com

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"Hiring the intelligence agency was one of the best investments we've made, allowing us to shape a new digital culture and transform our business efficiently and sustainably."

Diego de Carvalho

- Nuernbergmesse

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"By better understanding this new world we live in, we pay more attention to data and the need to be increasingly analytical. With the help of the intelligence agency, we're achieving significant results for our business."

Grace Kelly

- Canon

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Data & Knowledge.

appied intelligence to growth your business

Artificial Intelligence


We are one SISP - a private and discreet intelligence agency known as Serinews.co. Our mission is to help businesses thrive by finding relevant data securely and efficiently. For over 20 years, Serinews.co has been ensuring that businesses worldwide, interested in Brazil, stay one step ahead of their competitors. We use cutting-edge technology and a creative and determined approach to achieve our goals.

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Serinews.co is a specialized intelligence agency helping businesses worldwide find relevant data securely and efficiently. 20+ years of experience.

At Serinews.co, we understand that staying relevant and competitive is crucial for business success. That's why we offer data-driven services that can help you achieve and maintain competitiveness and prosperity. Our focus is on finding a relevant and specific audience for your business, creating strategies and technologies that provide a cyber advantage, and combating bad practices as a business model.

To achieve these objectives, we begin by collecting data and understanding the entire flow of your business. We then organize the data and analyze it to suggest potential changes and improvements in accordance with best practices, laws, and compliance. Our data analysis process helps us understand process improvements and the continuity of efforts, so we can provide you with valuable insights and guidance for making smarter and more effective decisions.

At Serinews.co, we believe that business growth is a consequence of a series of factors, and understanding propensity models for each type of operation is one of the main features of our performance. By using our services, you can gain a competitive advantage and achieve sustainable growth, while preserving your business's financial outcome.


human and artificial intelligence.


Paulista Avenue, 1079, 8th floor - Bela Vista - São Paulo (SP) - Brazil - Postal Code: 01310-200 - Phone: +55 (11) 2787-6386.